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MTL-005 is a boronated metalloporphyrin in development as a radio-enhancer: a drug given to patients prior to conventional radiotherapy and designed to amplify the effect of radiotherapy within the tumour, without affecting surrounding cells. It does not appear to be pharmacologically active and, as such, it is expected to have a good safety profile.

Structure of MTL-005

(copper meso-5, 15-Bis[3-[( 1,2-Dicarba-closododecaboranyl)methoxy]phenyl]-meso-10,20-dinitroporphyrin)
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MTL-005 preferentially accumulates in tumour cells and interacts with the X-rays to generate reactive oxygen species that selectively kill the tumour cells. Evidence suggests that MTL-005 can enhance the effects of radiation regardless of the oxygen status of the target tumour.

Ideal profile of a radio-enhancer:
  • High uptake by tumour tissue
  • Low uptake by normal tissue
  • Low systemic toxicity
  • Rapid clearance from blood
  • Persistence within tumour
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