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MorEx works closely with, and is guided clinically by an international key opinion leader (KoL) network. The KoL’s have intimately defined the clinical development strategy and design of the first two-part clinical study on MTL-005. Several are confirmed investigators for active participation in, and execution of, the first clinical study.

Dr Stefano Schipani MD,

The Beatson Institute for Cancer Research, University of Glasgow

Dr Schipani is a senior lecturer in clinical oncology at the Institute of Cancer Sciences and a European pioneer in innovative radiotherapeutic interventions in cancer. The Beatson has state-of-the-art radiation therapy facilities – Glasgow is home to one of the largest and busiest radiotherapy centres in the UK.

The Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre is equipped with 11 linear accelerators and delivers more doses (“fractions”) of radiotherapy than any other UK centre, and the West of Scotland population has particularly high incidence rates of a number of cancer types for which radiotherapy is the primary treatment (eg lung, head & neck, cervix). This makes the Centre, with Dr Schipani’s expertise, a priority clinical setting in which to expose relevant patients to MTL-005.

Dr Bernie Foran

Consultant Clinical Oncologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer.
Weston Park Hospital Sheffield.

Dr Teresa Guerrero Urbano

Consultant Clinical Oncologist.
Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital London.