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As a radio-enhancer, MTL-005 should offer a simpler and more straightforward option for patients and clinical / radiation oncologists than current radio-sensitisers. It is expected that a dose of MTL-005 will be administered up to a week before radiotherapy is scheduled and its longevity in tumour tissue means that a single dose could be used to cover an entire radiotherapy treatment plan. It is anticipated that MTL-005 will enhance radiotherapy treatment of a range of solid tumours.

Once efficacy is proven with standard radiotherapy and chemo-radiotherapy regimens, MTL-005 may also allow clinical oncologists to reduce the overall dose of radiotherapy given to a patient. If this becomes possible, in addition to reducing the side effects experienced by patients, MTL-005 could have additional pharmaco-economic benefits by allowing more efficient use of radiotherapy suites, with potentially higher throughput of treated patients.

Expected benefits of MTL-005:
For Patients
  • Improved tumour control
  • Potential for reduced dosing and fewer side effects
For Clinicians
  • Simple, flexible addition to existing radiotherapy/chemo-radiotherapy protocols
  • Single dose requirement for duration of radiotherapy/chemo-radiotherapy dosing schedule
  • Potential to improve efficiency of radiotherapy suite
For Licensee
  • 10-year market exclusivity in lead, orphan indication
  • Opportunity to expand use to multiple tumour types